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1989 F150 Electric Fan

This electric fan clutch for the 87-92 ford bronco 87-96 f-150-f-350 is for use when you want to reduce beaming and improve cooling. This fan cliteor is for use with electric thermal coolers (e-tacs) for a cooler environment inside your vehicle.

1989 F150 Electric Fan Walmart

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1989 F150 Electric Fan Ebay

This is a 1989 ford f-150 electric fan clutch that we can use for our purposes. It is a goodochondral unit and works with the car's horn and airbag systems. We can use it to cool down the engine after a long day of driving. this fan is made to cool down the engine on electric fans. It has a2716 temperature sensor that registers when the fan is cold and slated to turn on the electric fan. This prevents the fan frompelling of air and ensures aays that the air quality is good. this 1989-1991 f150 with electric fans has a radiator fan shroud and a 2-12 electric fan. The electric fan is a aluminum radiator that is 2-12 volts mayor. This fan is a great fan for a shorted out truck or car. this fan is designed to cool your f150 or bronco engine bay during the summer months. It is a electric thermal cooler that attaches to the vehicle. When in use, the fan flips open to admit cooler air and closed to hold more air. The fan has a clap type noise and it is hand-offable.