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Ps3 Fan Mod

This speed controller for the playstation 3 will allow you to quickly and easily adjust the fan speed to create anmented your gaming experience. This speed controller is made out of durable plastic and has a colorful light up display that will make your gaming experience more engaging. Lastly, this speed controller has an easy access port for attaching to your playstation 3, making it easy to get the fan up and running.

Ps3 Fan Mod Walmart

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Cheap Ps3 Fan Mod

Thisps3 fan mod adjustable speed accelerator controller is for reference of what you can adjust in settings. You can choose to increase or decrease the speed, or choose to have the controller rotate to s-genre. This controller also features ylod feedback which will make you feel like you are playing a ps3 game. the playstation 3 ps3 fan mod is a speed accelerator controller for the playstation 3 that helps keep your console running cool. It is avoid ylod, making your console run faster and reducingonescore requirements. thisps3 fan mod speed accelerator with boost function is perfect for those who love to play playstation 3 games online. It comes with a speed boost function that helps make playing games on playstation 3 a little more enjoyable. Additionally, the accelerator also has a boost function that will increase the speed of games on the ps3. Whether you're a ps3 gamer looking for an accessory to help you play more games, or afan mod for those who want to speed up their gaming, this is the perfect accessory for you! this is a bypass mod for the ps3 that allows the user to control the fan speed on the device. This allows the user to avoid the fan having to slow down or speed up to the point where the game can't be played. The mod also allows the user to change the speed at which the fan runs, without having to worry about the fan slowing down.